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Annotation of journal number 11, November 2014

15:00 16.11.2014 •


E. Vysotskaya, D. Mokin, I. Rogachev. What is more important: observance of human rights  or safeguarding security?

Human rights problematic has for long been marked by high intensity of diplomatic and political struggle. At the same time, such field of security as  counteraction to new challenges and threats, has been considered ( and is also considered by experts now) depoliticized – here it’s allegedly easier for states to come to agreements. But in recent several years the situation has changed.


Krutskikh, A. Streltsov. International law and the problem of safeguarding international informative security   20

It’s difficult to overestimate the influence of information and communication technologies (ICT) over all the aspects of lives of persons, society and state. Equally with obvious good things, as far as economic, social and cultural development is concerned, these days the enhancing of ICT role, inevitably  involves certain risks for international and national security.




Koshel A.  Political determinants of the Eurasian integration

The formation of a new integration establishment - Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) - is assuming special significance and presents a strategically right choice.

At the same time it’s necessary to understand, that the decision making regarding

the intensification of integration processes in the economic sphere cannot help affecting problems in the humanitarian field as well.


Ivannikov. I. “Gas window” intoEurope: “Nord stream” in the context of the energy cooperation of Europe andRussia

“The gas conflict”  in the relations of Russia and Ukraine, broken out after the state coup in Kiev in February 2014, put, even more pressingly, an issue of minimizing the role of the Ukrainian transit  in the transportation of domestic “blue fuel” into Europe.


E. Kassaev. International gas collisions

By estimate by the Energy Information Administration, in seven years shale gas will become a principle type of the gas, produced in USA. In2010 atake of shale gas built up 23%, in 2020 it’s expected to be – 39%. However, there may raise a number of barriers, hampering the implementation of given prognosis.


T. Kirabaev.  Theoretic approaches to researching the processes of regionalization and regional integration

The processes accompanying globalization – regionalism and regional integration – have become an important vector of developing macro regions in different parts of the globe, aimed at smoothing over contradictions between macro regions and sub regions, individual states through the development of economic, social and humanitarian links, forming by that integral space.




E. Braguina.India: the election results and a new alignment of political forces

The general parliamentarian election of2014 inIndia, one of the most influential states at the world arena, caused a special interest far from the borders of this country. Not only qualitative indexes of the election campaign, but, above all, far reaching consequences of its results are impressive.


D. Malysheva. Islamic disguise of African military conflicts

Until more recent times problems of African countries, situated to the north of equator and to the south from the Sahara, generally stayed in the periphery of the world informative and political attention. All changed on April 17, 2014, when commandos of the group “Boko haram” abducted schoolgirls in the north-east of Nigeria, threatening to sell them into slavery.


S. Troosh. American project of the Partnership Trans the Pacific Ocean andChina

The initiative by the Trans-Pacific Partnership is justifiably regarded as an integral element – if not the key one – of the strategic transfer of USA’s center of influence to the APG. It is often considered in tow with a symmetric, from design, initiative of the Partnership between US and the EU.




V. Egoshkin. At the breaking of the époque

The lessons of overthrowing Slobodan Milosevic’s regime, undesirable to the West, are looking extremely exemplary during days of bloody events at Ukraine and a massive informative and economic attack by USA and its satellites against Russia. By the way, Slobodan himself was foretelling, that all, that had been used against Yugoslavia, would quite soon be used against Russia as well – the country, which, in his opinion, was the main object of the Americans. Everything suggests that the time has come.


Frolov. Crimea-1954: how it happened

El problem referring to Crimea’s joining to Russia (some people call it return or reunification) is, without any doubts, one of the main ones at the agenda of  Russia and Ukraine. Being in the beginning a purely internal matter of the Soviet state, this problem has acquired international significance. West, accusing Russia in rapid fire holding a referendum  among the peninsula population and in the rapid realization of this act, doesn’t, evidently, intend, not in the least degree, to doubt the same rapid fire decision regarding Crimea’s transfer from Russia to Ukraine in 1954. Then it happened without holding any referendum at all, the public opinion of Russian citizens in general and Crimeans themselves in particular being totally ignored.




E. Osipov.  Foreign policy of present-dayFrance


Yu. Belobrov. American provocation against global stability

(survey about the American missile defense system)


V. Bogomazov. Religious wars: the past and the present 

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