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Annotation of the magazine number 10, October, 2015

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U.N.O. - 70

Lavrov S.the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia
Make the world stable and safe

The 70-th anniversary of the creation of the Organization of United Nations was a major international event of the current year. More than 150 heads of states and governments came to the jubilee session of the UN General Assembly.  This fact alone indicates of a wide recognition of the unique role that the UN - created with the main purpose to prevent   a repetition of the tragedy of the Second World War – plays in the contemporary international relations as its central coordinating mechanism.

Gatilov G., Quiquilo V. Don’t they go for jokes in the UN? Some little-known events in the life of the International Organization.  

Many people think of the Organization of United Nations like of a place full of officially dressed seriously looking people taking decisions on which often depends the fate of whole countries and peoples. And it’s not very far from the truth, but during 70 years of the existence of this unique universal organization more than once there were situations, really out-of-order, which made people to be surprised, to smile and sometimes to admire. But all these mishaps that the UN Charter doesn’t provide for evidence for one more time the singularity and demand for the UN.

Gorelik А. Global cooperative

The Organization of United Nations with its undoubted strength and shortcomings is to a large degree a mirror of the mankind (and blaming it would be a thankless task). But it is by no means the end of the issue. First of all, the UN is a tool of better organization of the life on the Earth.

Orlov А. The UN: how the spirit of the victorious year of 1945 could be brought back?

The 70-th anniversary of the UN – it is a hallmark international event. In spite of reproaches directed to this organization from various sources it remains a fundamental and choiceless element of the existing international system.

Kiku D. Prospects of reforming of the UN Security Council: the right of choice

By the 70-th anniversary of the Organization of United Nations commemorated in autumn of 2015 a number of countries have incremented their activity wishing to widen the Security Council. In the first place that goes for Brazil, India, FRG, and Japan united within so called “Group of Four” in order to promote their candidates to the UN Security Council. 


Тhongloon Sissulit. For the 55-th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Laos and Russia

The current year of 2015 is a special one: in October the peoples of our countries commemorate the 55-tha anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and the 50-th anniversary of the creation of the societies of friendship – the most important hallmarks for subsequent consolidation of friendly relations and strategic partnership. 

Yakovenco А. The Middle East: would they learn lessons from the history or repeat it?

The auspicious conclusion of the negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program was a rare bright spot on the rest dark horizon of the Middle East affairs. It was a fundamental breakthrough, although on the side of political psychology, basing on which it would be possible to build a steady regional architecture.

Maximychev I. 25 years of  “the big Federal Republic of Germany”. The German people and the lessons from the history

The 25-th anniversary of the entry of the German Democratic Republic into the FRG coincided with the year of the 70-th anniversary of the Great Victory liberating the world from the Nazi threat. It is one more reason to reflect on the conclusions taken by the German people from the events which had been the turning points not in their own history but in the world one..


Congratulation to Vorobyov V.

The world around us

Yvliev G.  The State should support intellectual proprietors 

The intellectual property is protected most and best of all in the countries where it is mostly created. When the share of the intellectual property in the national gross product comes up to tens per cent from some two or three per cent, a mechanism of its protection is more necessary because it is the protection of national wealth.

Olenechenco V. TheBaltic Countries: a laboratory of external administration

By given instant have crystallized the structure and the practice of  an “efficient” external administration of the Baltic Countries spurring its creators to spread the Baltic experience in other countries. In particular, the factor   of “guest managers” grows ever more significant in the competition between capitals from various countries and first of all, in their investment activity.    .

Skachcov АWhy did the Baltic “bridge” between Russia and EU fall flat?

During different periods of common past the countries and territorial formations of Baltic Region successfully used the advantages of their geographical situation between Russia and the North Europe for their own economic and cultural development. How are the things going now? What are the prospects awaiting for us?

Ilyin I., Shestova Т. In the vanguard of global research. For the 10-th anniversary of the Department of Global Processes of the MSU Lomonossov

The Moscow University was one of the first universities in the world in 2005 creating within its structure a section and then a Department of Global Processes. This important step was taken at the initiative of the president of the MSU, Victor Sadovnichy.

The international law

Voronin ЕThe Russian school of law of professor F. Martens and the contemporary international law. For his 170-th anniversary

A Russian lawyer par exellence and diplomat re non verbis (by deed and not by word), F. Martens brought into the national foreign policy and into the doctrine of the international law a perception of the international legal norms  and liabilities as “the laws of a diligent persistence”. 

Lykhacev V. Russia and China: vector of the international law

The joint statement of the FR and the PRC about the intensification of comprehensive partnership and strategic  interaction and about the promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation possesses a number of principle signs making it a political event important not only for a bilateral (Russia – China) but for a wide international format too.     

Hallmarks of the history

Bulatov Y. The Polish experiment of the Romanov dynasty

200 years passed since the Congress of Vienna (1815) when the leading European monarchs in the lead of the Russian  autocrat, Czar Alexander I, had elaborated another version of the world order after the defeat of Napoleon Buonaparte’s Empire, including the status of the Polish territories.    

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

The company “Inpredkadry” at the Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

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