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Abstract to Journal No. 10, October, 2023

07:58 24.10.2023 •


Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister. Russia and Brazil: time-tested friendship. To the 195th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations

On October 3, 2023, our countries celebrated an important event in our joint history -195 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations. Over the past time, our interstate relations have gone through different periods. At the same time uniting us

feelings of mutual sympathy, interest in each other’s traditions and culture always remained unshakable and contributed to strengthening the bonds of friendship.

Key words: Russia, Brazil, multilateral cooperation, interregional interaction.


Sergei Naryshkin, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Russian Historical Society. Intelligence and diplomacy

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and the Russian Foreign Ministry closely cooperate on all key issues, jointly identifying immediate and potential threats to the interests of our state and developing measures to neutralize them. Thus, our joint work has recently contributed to the process of normalizing the situation in Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. With the start of a special military operation, cooperation on the track of information warfare and countering the efforts of the West to discredit Russian policy on the world stage intensified.

Key words: intelligence, diplomacy, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Russian Foreign Ministry.


Vladimir Egorov. The fate of the state in a changing world

The main phenomenon of the social mainstream today is the institution of the state and its evolution (“decline”), which is associated with the growth of civil society activity and a revaluation of the role of the market. The future of the state is doubted by representatives of postmodernism, who believe that the institutions of social organization are being replaced by a network organization of individuals connected by cultural, informational and spiritual contacts, with a higher level of identities.

Key words: “decline” of the state, sovereignty, financial capital, network space.


Konstantin Dolgov. Apocalypse of our time: alter ego of the Third Reich

It is no coincidence that Hitler admired the entire system of social, cultural and military affairs in Britain, and most carefully studied and adopted the rich experience of the English aristocracy in managing the conquered colonies according to the cruelest canons of slavery, oppression and destruction of the disobedient. Hitler called T. Carlyle and H. Chamberlain his teachers as the founders of imperial, racist, Nazi ideology and politics.

Key words: Germany, Third Reich, Britain, public schools, race theory, Nazis, Russophobia.


Murat Zyazikov. The Cypriot people have always been, are and will remain friendly and brotherly to us

The intense dynamics of domestic political events in Cyprus, the foreign policy activity of Nicosia in the Eastern Mediterranean region and its, unfortunately, involvement in the anti-Russian games of Westerners could not but affect our bilateral cooperation in certain areas.

Key words: Russia, Cyprus, West, anti-Russian sanctions, tourism, Cyprus settlement.


Sergey Abramov. Ideological security of the Union State of Russia and Belarus

The acceleration of changes in the geopolitical situation in the world has updated security issues for the Union State of Russia and Belarus. After the adoption of the new Military Doctrine of the Union State in 2021, it became expedient to develop common approaches to security for Russia and Belarus at the level of meanings and ideas that would form the basis of the ideological security system of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

Key words: geopolitics, Russia, Belarus, Union State of Russia and Belarus, ideology.


Anastasia Shavrova. Opportunities and prospects for education in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and arms control in Russia

In Russia, special attention was paid to education in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, arms control and nuclear policy. Over the past ten years, a whole pool of specialized educational programs on this topic has been formed in the capital’s and regional universities. However, the “new reality” has led to the need for a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of approaches to educational processes in this area.

Key words: non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, Russian education, KVRN, employment of graduates.


Nikas Safronov. The whole world at the tip of your brush

Each of us travels, some rarely, some often, some around our native lands, some around the world. And each of us brings his own impressions, “packaged” on photo and video cameras. The artist transfers his impressions to the canvas.

Key words: artist, impressions, travel, portraiture.


"Star" of domestic shipbuilding

As part of the VIII Eastern Economic Forum, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the Zvezda shipbuilding complex, located in the city of Bolshoy Kamen, Primorsky Territory. "Zvezda" is a colossal industrial and innovative project.


Metropolitan of Tambov and Rasskazovsky Theodosius. Some milestones in the biography of member of the Orthodox Palestinian Society B.P. Mansurov

After the end of the Crimean War, Russia was deprived of the right to have a navy in the Black Sea. At the same time, the Russian Empire could maintain and strengthen its presence in the Mediterranean by organizing mass pilgrimages to the Orthodox shrines of the East and creating for this purpose a Russian commercial shipping company and a seaport in Odessa. Among the ideologists of this project was Boris Pavlovich Mansurov.

Key words: Russian spiritual mission, Jerusalem, Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society, Russian pilgrims, Athos.


Vladimir Mikheev. The last ambassadors of the Russian Empire An ageless chronicle of diplomatic vicissitudes

Elena Evdokimova, the author of the study “The Last Ambassadors of the Russian Empire,” just published by the Molodaya Gvardiya publishing house, has collected a portrait gallery of them in her book. These, without a doubt, were extraordinary personalities who left a deep mark on the turbulent diplomatic chronicle of Russia at the turn of two centuries.

Key words: Russian Empire, ambassadors, book.


Lev Klepatsky. From present to past

The scientific literature on the history of international relations has been enriched by a textbook published by Aspect Press for university students on the history of international relations in the pre-Westphalian era, authored by A.V. Fenenko. In essence, this is a monograph in an educational version. One of the goals of the study, according to the author himself, is to give an idea of the logic of interstate relations in the period before the emergence of nation states.

Key words: A.V. Fenenko, monograph, pre-Westphalian era, history of international relations.

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