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Abstract to Journal No. 8, August, 2023

12:38 27.08.2023 •


Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister. In the West, they want to eliminate our country as a serious geopolitical competitor

The Russophobic nature of many of our former partners, hidden under the guise of hypocrisy, has shown itself today in all its glory, if, of course, you can put it that way. But let's not forget that it didn't start yesterday. For many years, they have been cynically engaged in turning our neighboring country into a military base hostile to Russia, nurturing there a whole generation of politicians who were preparing to declare war on a common history, a common culture, and everything Russian in general.

Keywords: confrontation between Russia and the West, Ukraine-a puppet of the United States, Russia - Africa summit, path to cooperation with the EAEU, CSTO.


Irina Abramova. Dignity is the key word at the Second Russia-Africa Summit

Africans should not be given a fish, but a fishing rod. Yes, it is important to increase trade, grain and fertilizer supplies. Naturally, the grain deal was in the focus of attention of African states. They did not follow the path that the West imposed on them - they did not accuse Russia of breaking the grain deal, but tried to understand this situation as it looks from our point of view.

Keywords: Second Russia-Africa Summit, Agenda 2063, South Africa, African Union.


Galina Sidorova. Russia and Africa: old friends, new opportunities. Following the Second Russia-Africa Summit

The forum was attended by representatives of 49 of the 54 countriescontinent, of which 17 were represented by African heads of State. These figures are high if we take into account that many African countries have experienced the covid pandemic, experienced food crises, and are solving complex problems related to the unstable military and political situation in their countries. As well as unprecedented pressure from the West.

Keywords: Russia, Africa, African continent, Western countries, diplomacy, stability, Ukrainian crisis, cooperation.


Alexander Kramarenko. The strategy race between Russia and the West: a test of adaptability?

In our time of postmodernism, the temptation to win the war in the information space is strong, that is, "to get into big bullies without a fight": after all, it turned out with the "victory in the cold war"! But this era is also coming to an end: Moscow is proving that it is necessary to fight in deeds, not in words, and this is reflected in the key miscalculation of Washington, which "muddied" the Ukrainian crisis, not being ready for a real military clash with Russia.

Keywords: Russia, West, Ukraine, strategy race, geopolitical revolution.


Farit Mukhametshin. Spiritual and moral values of Orthodoxy and Islam resist the degradation of modern society

The Kazan meeting of the Russia - Islamic World Strategic Vision Group was attended by more than 120 prominent state, socio-political and religious figures, as well as parliamentarians, diplomats, representatives of science, culture and education from Russia and 56 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Keywords: Strategic Vision Group "Russia-Islamic world", OIC, "KazanForum".


Yuri Sayamov. Analytics in international relations

The most common claim is that think tanks in the field of international relations originated in the United States and the first of them was the Carnegie Endowment, founded in 1910 to study the problems of war and peace. Meanwhile, in Russia, which was subjected to the aggression of the collective West in 1812, the victorious Emperor Alexander I, as part of measures to prevent new threats and risks for the Russian Empire, created a secret group on foreign policy issues under the leadership of his wing adjutant A. Benckendorf. This was the first analytical center in history.

Keywords:analytics, international relations, analytical centers, international analyst.


Dina Malysheva. Kazakhstan: Foreign policy dilemmas

The principle of multi-vector approach, which is the basis of Kazakhstan's foreign policy, remains a kind of business card of the republic. This provides for the development of friendly, equal and mutually beneficial relations with all States, interstate associations and international organizations of practical interest to Kazakhstan.

Keywords: Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Turkey, EU, USA, multi-vector policy, foreign policy dilemmas.


Ravil Mustafin. Features of the Iraqi political landscape. The rise and fall of Muqtada al-Sadr

Iraq is going through a very difficult period in its history - a change of ideologies, the dismantling of former state structures, and the formation of new forms of government. The 20-year American occupation has transformed the entire political landscape of the country. Today in Iraq, there is a multiplicity of views on the future development, where to move next-towards the Arab world, Iran, or cling to the crumbling bridges with the West.

Keywords: Iraqi political landscape, parliamentary elections.


Svetlana Gavrilova. The new" right " Italy and the prospects of Italian populism

In recent years, the party-political landscape of modern Europe has undergone significant changes. Parties and movements of a new type - the "political alternative" - have come to the forefront of political life in a number of European countries. This trend has become a reflection of the discontent of the broad masses of the electorate of European countries with the processes that are taking place both in the national states themselves and at the supranational level.

Keywords: Italian Republic, populism, political parties, protest vote, transformation of the party-political space, elections, "Brothers of Italy".


Anatoly Smirnov, Tatiana Isaeva. International security: challenges and threats of artificial intelligence technologies

The whole world is gripped by an unprecedented interest in artificial intelligence technologies. The number of articles, studies, monographs, conferences and other scientific and practical forums and seminars is growing exponentially. Most importantly, the number of AI-enabled machines, mechanisms, tools, and other devices being created in virtually all areas of human, social, and governmental life is also growing exponentially.

Keywords: AI, NATO, Big Data, USA, cognitive warfare, UNESCO appeal.


Pavel Kuznetsov. Retrospective and trends in the development of Japan's approaches to cybersecurity issues

In Russia, the first Information Security Doctrine was approved in 2000; in Japan, during the same period, information and cybersecurity issues were separately considered in documents that were not directly linked to a single system by any strategic planning document - the Basic Law on the Creation of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society, the e-Japan Strategy, and the Second e-Japan Strategy.

Keywords: Japan, ICT, NISC, national cybersecurity strategies, preventive cyber strikes.


Elena Martynova. Prospects for expanding cooperation between Russia and the ASEAN countries in the new geopolitical reality on the example of Myanmar

In February 2022, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine. Sanctions imposed by unfriendly countries were not long in coming. Of all the ASEAN countries, only Myanmar supported Russia's actions in Ukraine. It is the mutual interest in finding new key partners that has pushed the Russian Federation and Myanmar to an unprecedented rapprochement.

Keywords: Russia, Myanmar, ASEAN, Russian-Myanmar relations, trade and economic cooperation.


Fyodor Georgi. Alexander Yakovlev - Russian Consul General in the Holy Land

The Consulate of the Russian Empire in Jerusalem was established in 1858. Thus, in December 2023, we will celebrate the 165th anniversary of its foundation. The most important tasks of the new diplomatic mission were to expand Russian influence in the Holy Land, protect numerous Orthodox pilgrims and the local Christian population, and strengthen ties with the Patriarchal See of Jerusalem.

Keywords: Russian Empire, Holy Land, Jerusalem, Sergiev Metochion, Israel, Siam, consulate, Consul General, digital diplomacy, online exhibition.

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