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Abstract to Journal No. 4, April, 2023

12:48 27.04.2023 •


Andrey Baklanov. Russia will play a leading role in the struggle to establish a just international economic order

The Concept of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation, approved in a new version on March 31, 2023 by Russian President Vladimir Putin, explains the basic principles, strategic goals and priority areas of our country's foreign policy. This also applies to trade, economic, financial and investment relations.

Key words: new international economic order, Group of 77, OPEC, Socintern, Commission of the South, WTO, Russia - EU Energy Dialogue.


Alexander Kramarenko. SVO in Ukraine: why the new Domestic one? Unkempt thoughts

The events of recent years have clarified a lot. The West has dropped its masks. It is now clear to everyone that the post-Cold War containment of Russia was their original strategy. Its essence is the subordinate position of our country in relation to the West, which fundamentally contradicts the basic principles of the UN Charter and negates the results of the Second World War.

Key words: conflict in Ukraine, Russia, West, NATO, Free Trade area.


Evgeny Osipov. France: from pension reform to the crisis of the Fifth Republic?

The year 2023 began in France with a discussion of pension reform, which was expected to cause large-scale protests throughout the country. After unsuccessfully trying to enlist the support of the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, with the support of PresidentEmmanuel Macron, decided to apply Article 49.3French Constitution and pass a Law on pension reform without the approval of Parliament.

Keywords: raising the retirement age, Macron, parliamentary elections, NUPES, Article 49.3 of the Constitution, Republicans Party, National Unification Party.


Grigory Mashkov. Missile issues in the context of international security: a mad arms race or a joint search for answers to missile challenges?

The intensive development of new technologies and their active use in missile systems increases the effectiveness of such weapons and expands the range of tasks with their help. The decision to use nuclear weapons is not limited either in legal, technical, or moral and ethical aspects and can be used in conflicts of any configuration (from a local clash to a large-scale military confrontation between regional and global rivals).

Key words: Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), nonproliferation, export control, ICBM, INF, tactical missiles, MLRS, ABM, air defense, DPRO, GKP, GRRN, GSK.


Andrey Volodin, Sergey Filatov. Russophobia: roots and roots

The phenomenon of Russophobia in the analytical sense is not much different from other social phenomena. Russophobia, like other manifestations of xenophobia, exists on two levels: public fears and the state political line, the boundaries between which are often relative, mobile and changeable.

Key words: Russophobia, xenophobia, Eurasia, East, West, Russia-a special civilization.


Karina Gasratyan. Democracy and spiritual and moral values

The institutions of democracy were born and developed together with the evolution of human ideas about spiritual and moral values, natural rights, freedom and justice, state structure, etc., along with the development of civil (written) laws of society.

Keywords: democracy, autocracy, religion, morality, culture, multiculturalism, postmodern challenges, dialogue of cultures.


Oleg Karpovich, Anton Grishanov. Changes on the Western (diplomatic) front

The policy of isolating Moscow pursued by Western countries after the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis has transformed into a policy of inflicting a "strategic defeat" on our country, which, in turn, an increasing number of ideologists of this policy mean the end of Russia's existence in its current form.

Key words: diplomacy, Russia, unipolarity, sanctions, NATO.


Viktor Glebov, Bidolei Vianney Freddy Agonnude. BRICS expansion prospects

When expanding the integration association, a number of difficulties and risks are not excluded. The same BRICS Plus format creates a certain bias towards the political dimension, which can aggravate the attitude of the Western world that does not tolerate competition towards the BRICS countries.

Key words: BRICS expansion, candidate countries, NDB, BRICS Plus format, South-South cooperation.


David Dadayan. Russia and Armenia: 195 years after the signing of the Turkmanchay Treaty

Russian-Armenian relations are important because any current result in the development of these relations is at the same time an intermediate result of the 300-year policy of Russian state and military figures, the heroism of thousands of Russian soldiers and officers to integrate Transcaucasia into the system of ensuring the security of Russia and its people, in whatever form this policy has taken over these centuries I wasn't doomed.

Keywords: Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, alliance, cooperation, interconnectedness of interests, peacekeepers, regional security.


Marina Kravchenko. Three centuries of the Russian civilian uniform

For several centuries, a mandatory attribute, a distinctive feature and a symbol of belonging to the system of state power was a uniform and its main element - a uniform. The form indicated the department and seniority of its owners. The approval of new designs and any kind of changes before 1917 were carried out only with the permission of the emperors, often on their own initiative, and sometimes according to their drawings.

Key words: uniform, uniform, types of uniforms, diplomatic etiquette, dress uniform.


Sergey Iskul. The Paris story of Prince Kurakin and the Duchess of Courland

The personality and actions of the "envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary" of Russia A. B. Kurakin are of particular interest, since his activities occurred during the period of the highest diplomatic activity of the powers in Europe, in the more than critical situation that characterized the run-up to the Franco-Russian confrontation and war in 1812.

Keywords: foreign policy and diplomacy of the Russian Empire, Patriotic War of 1812, historiography, Grand Duke Nikolai Mikhailovich, Alexander Borisovich Kurakin, Duchess Anna Charlotte of Courland.


True History of Ukraine

The monograph "History of Ukraine" is a relevant and comprehensive scientific work based on the analysis of historical facts, events, causal relationships between them, the activities of historical characters, political, social, economic and cultural development of territories from the perspective of the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians. This position, which opposes

active attempts to rewrite history, artificially divide and contrast the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, corresponds to an objective and unbiased analysis of our common history.

Keywords: monograph "History of Ukraine", general history, destruction of memory.

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