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Abstract to Journal No. 3, March, 2023

12:50 27.03.2023 •


Andrey Dmitrichenko. Nonpolarity as an intermediate stage on the way to multipolarity?

As a result of the processes that are now radically changing the architecture of the world, on the way to multipolarity, it may be necessary to pass through an intermediate stage of nonpolarity. And it can last for decades. Moreover, it may turn out that after this intermediate stage, the new multipolarity will have a significantly different view from our current one.

Key words: global forecasting, threats on the way to multipolarity, Russia's national interests.


Olga Lebedeva. Priorities of modern Russian diplomacy: between the UN and the "rules-based order"

In the de facto world, the mutually exclusive concepts of an oonocentric order and a "rule-based order" collide. The global priorities of Russian diplomacy are aimed at strengthening and modernizing the UN and its key principles both on the organization's platforms and in the field of bilateral relations by maintaining the principles of multipolarity, equality, and inclusiveness.

Key words: UN, UN Security Council, unocentric world order, "rule-based order", multipolarity.


Sergey Berdnikov. On the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Russian-Ghanaian diplomatic relations

In 2023, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ghana celebrate a significant date. 65 years ago, the Acting High Commissioner of Ghana to the United Kingdom, J. I. Jantua, and the USSR Ambassador to the United Kingdom, J. A. Malik, officially agreed to establish diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Keywords: K. Nkrumah, intergovernmental agreements, economic, scientific and technical cooperation, IPC.


Galina Sidorova. African meetings on Sergey Lavrov's visit to Africa

The myth about the invincibility of the priority of the Western countries-former metropolises in world affairs, including the African continent, is collapsing day by day, proving its inconsistency. Today, the West is at a loss for practical steps taken by Russia to strengthen friendly ties with the States of Africa and the East in the name of international security and cooperation for the benefit of all peoples.

Keywords: Africa, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's African tour, South Africa, Eswatini, Angola, Eritrea, Mali, Mauritania, Sudan, Western countries.


Elena Zinovieva, Sergey Shitkov. Digital sovereignty in the practice of international relations

Digital sovereignty, which in the broadest sense means the independence of the state in domestic and foreign policy in the digital sphere, becomes the most important measure of the state's viability, security and economic potential. For a better understanding of the nature of digital sovereignty, it is necessary to refer to the conceptual foundations of the very concept of "state sovereignty".

Key words: digital sovereignty, state sovereignty, international information security.


Valeria Bulva. The phenomenon of social networks in the context of information security

The global technological revolution has fundamentally changed human communication capabilities. Since 2005, the transition from Web1.0 to Web2.0 has begun,from static content to dynamic content-accessible not only for reading, but also for editing. Social networks are becoming the main platform for interaction between Internet users.

Keywords: social networks, information warfare, rules of responsible behavior.


Marina Kolesnikova. The European Union's global Ambitions: the maritime agenda

In the European Commission's 2022 Blue Economy report, the word "global" is used 204 times in various combinations and reflects its main interests in the modern international sphere, including "global food security", "global challenges", "global interaction", "global sustainable "blue" economy", "global development" and "global development". leadership", "global partnerships", "global security and stability" , etc.

Keywords: European Union, blue economy, global actor, international ocean governance, sustainable development, blue partnership.


Gleb Doroshenko, Andrey Shelkovnikov. New vectors of development of the situation in the Persian Gulf region

The Gulf Arab monarchies continue their policy of diversifying political ties, which, in particular, led to Qatar and Saudi Arabia obtaining the status of dialogue partners with the SCO, while Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates began the procedure for acquiring this status. Contacts between the regional powers and the Russian Federation at the highest level continue.

Keywords: Middle East, Gulf States, Russia, USA, new regional centers, GCC.


Valeria Zanina. Opening of the Russian Consulate in Crete (1860)

It is indisputable from the point of view of historical truth that Russia made a decisive and gratuitous contribution to the establishment of Greece as an independent state, protecting the life and interests of the Greek population for centuries. Considerable credit for this went to Russian diplomats and consuls who served in the Greek provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

Keywords: Russian diplomacy, Dendrino, Cretan Greeks, Catholicism, Turkish authorities, monetary aid, geopolitical plans of England and France, preservation of Orthodoxy.


Kirill Terentyev. Italian veterans of the First World War as an element of the social base of a totalitarian state

The very emergence of fascism as an organized movement is attributed to the discontent of a part of the Italian population with the weak domestic and foreign policy of the government against the background of the increased influence of left-wing ideas. Therefore, social radicalism was initially perceived as a tool for strengthening power structures in conditions of social and political decline, which was not uncommon in other countries after the war. However, in the Italian reality, the ideas of fascism found the most fertile ground.

Keywords: Italy in the First World War, Spain, Mussolini, Squadrists, Italian Union of Struggle, National Fascist Party.


Peter Multatuli. Anastasia Romanova - the first Russian Tsarina

The monograph "The First Russian Tsarina", dedicated to the life of the wife of Tsar John the Terrible - Anastasia Romanovna, is the result of many years of research by a well-known church scientist, a resident of the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra, a researcher of the history of the Russian Church, Doctor of Theology Archimandrite Makarii (Veretennikov).

Keywords: Archimandrite Makarii, R. Y. Zakhar'in-Koshka, gold-embroidery workshop, Kazan campaign, poisoning of the queen.

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