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Abstract to Journal No. 6, June, 2023

12:52 27.06.2023 •


Andrey Denisov. We need good and multifaceted relations with China. And China, for its part, also has a natural need for this

To a certain extent, China has turned out to be a vis-a-vis of the United States in a situation of geopolitical loneliness, when it has to confront the Americans, having support only in the person of our country, which, strictly speaking, turned out to be a vis-a-vis of the United States, and the West as a whole is in about the same position. China needs someone to lean on in today's very turbulent and turbulent world.

Keywords: bilateral relations, Russia-USA, USA-China, China's peace plan, turn to the East, Russia-China cooperation, EEU.


Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Al-Jaber. The UAE is Russia's largest trading partner among the Gulf states

The growth of trade turnover between the UAE and Russia this year, as in the previous one, will be significant. In particular, Russian agribusiness companies are actively negotiating with their Emirati counterparts on the supply of Russian agricultural products to the UAE market. There is a positive trend in both cereals and meat.

Keywords: United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, SPIEF-2023, EAEU.


Oleg Vishlev. Baltic direction: spring-summer 1939. Documentary essays

The question of whether the demand of the Soviet government, put forward in negotiations with Great Britain and France on May 14, 1939, was justified to guarantee the neutrality and sovereignty of the three Baltic republics bordering the USSR (Latvia, Estonia and Finland), in the event of aggression against them by Hitler's Germany, still causes debate.

Keywords: Baltic direction of 1939, Finnish bridgehead, Germany.


Alexander Borisov. The Return of Evil: about Nazism and its heirs

Almost 80 years after the end of World War II and the defeat of the fascist bloc powers, academic discussions are still ongoing in historical science about the genesis of the phenomenon of fascism and its ideological counterpart, German Nazism, as a historical, socio-economic, political, psychological, and even cultural and civilizational phenomenon that left an indelible mark on the tragic history of the twentieth century. centuries.

Key words: SWO, Ukrainian Nazism, fascism, world crisis.


Shared challenges - shared responsibility. Results of the SPIEF 2023 Energy panel

Within the framework of the XXVI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, an energy Panel was held, organized with the support of Rosneft. The event was attended by heads of leading energy companies and market experts. Igor Sechin, Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft, delivered a keynote speech.


Andrey Ilnitsky. War for the State

In the summer of 2021 and autumn of 2022, respectively, the national security strategies of Russia and the United States were adopted - documents defining the countries ' policies for decades. Even a cursory analysis of these strategies shows a striking civilizational difference in how Russia and the United States see themselves, their development, and their role in the world.

Keywords: national security strategies of Russia and the United States, deep states, middle class, minorities.


Alexander Nadezhdin. Sports as a mechanism for integration of migrants. German experience

According to German sociologists, sports-especially for young people from migrant families or foreigners living in the country, as well as for students with low academic performance - can be a kind of compensatory mechanism and a social elevator in modern realities when there are no opportunities to get a higher education or a prestigious job.

Keywords: sport, migration processes, Germany, host society, "Integration through sport", social adaptation, game sports.


Sergey Filatov. The barbarians. Who and why destroyed the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station

Russia's enemies are destroying the most important facilities, condemning disaster areas to environmental disasters. Undermining the Nord Stream gas pipelines, undermining the Tolyatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline, undermining the Kakhovskaya HPP dam. They are unable to cope with the Russian Army and take revenge on the civilian population of Europe, Ukraine and Russia in impotent anger.

Keywords: Nord Stream, ammonia pipeline, HIMARS, problems caused by dam failure.


Vladislav Gulevich. "Bucharest nine" again against Russia

At the Bucharest Nine (B9) summit held in Bratislava on June 6, 2023, Russia was declared the main threat to Euro-Atlantic security by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

Keywords: Bucharest Nine, Visegrad Four, Russia, Ukraine, NATO.


Andrey Kadomtsev. NATO: the fight for the post of Secretary General

The term of office of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expires at the end of September. Despite rumors about the possibility of a new extension of the current Secretary General's term, a battle is already unfolding on the sidelines of the alliance for one of the most significant posts among the collective institutions of the West.

Keywords: fight for the post of NATO Secretary General, anti-Russian role of the alliance.


Archimandrite Makariy (Veretennikov). Metropolitan Jonah of Moscow. To the 575th anniversary of the autocephaly of the Russian Church

Saint Jonah is the first autocephalous Metropolitan of the Russian Church. His appointment as bishop in Moscow opened a new page in the history of the Russian Church. His enthronement in later times was given the significance of the beginning of the independent existence of the Russian Church. Russian autocephaly was born in an atmosphere of heavy international ecclesiastical-political, as well as internal strife, but it also testifies to the awareness in Russia of responsibility for the fate of Orthodoxy, for its purity.

Keywords: Saint Jonah, Uniate danger, Basil II-guardian of Orthodoxy, Council of hierarchs of the north-eastern dioceses, letters of Jonah, Moscow Patriarchate.


Konstantin Kosachev. About the new MGIMO textbook

The issue of the textbook "Scientific and Technological Progress and modern International Relations" is extremely relevant in terms of bringing educational standards for training specialists in the field of international relations in accordance with the provisions of the updated Concept of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation and objectively established world realities.

Keywords: Russian foreign policy concept, textbook, scientific and technological progress.

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