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Abstract of the journal number 11, November, 2010

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The Year of France in Russia and the Year of Russia in France

*Russia and France: Relations of a New Quality

International Affairs convened a round-table meeting as a part of the Year of France in Russia and the Year of Russia in France initiative. The forum supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation brought together Russian and French political scientists and journalists to discuss the future of the relations in the Russia-France-Germany triangle. Another theme which ignited lively debate at the round-table meeting was the French media's portrayal of Russia.



*Russia and Saudi Arabia: two Decades of Relations on a New Level

O. Ozerov.

Having visited ten Arab countries – an unprecedented number in Russia's history – in the course of his 1999-2008 presidency, Prime Minister V. Putin was seen during his Riyadh tour as Russia's first statesman who truly led Moscow to engage with the Arab and Muslim world.

*The Role of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in International Relations

V. Likhachev. 

The international prestige of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation is steadily growing. Based on the Ministry's legal status and practical experience, the prestige translates into its ever greater international role and moral potential in the globalizing world.

*Russia-Kazakhstan: Cooperation in the Border Zone and in Regional Affairs

S. Nikolaev. 

Being tightly interwoven with international markets, the Russian and Kazakh economies are still on the way to complete recovery following the outbreak of the global financial crisis. Both countries are facing additional problems bred by the year's anomalous temperatures. The complexity of the current situation highlighted the pressing need for deeper economic integration between Russia and Kazakhstan.


Editor's Column

*Russia and Ukraine: Though the Tasks on the Horizon Are No Easy...

A. Oganesyan. 

While neither Europe nor the US ascribe high priority to their relations with Ukraine outside of the contexts of their Russian agendas, the importance of Ukraine to Russia – and the importance of Russia to Ukraine – clearly span far beyond the confines of politics in general.



*Two Decades Since the Unification of Germany 

N. Pavlov.

The unification transformed the political foundations of the German statehood. Far from being painless, the integration of the two parts of the formerly divided nation is still ongoing, deeply affecting the economy and mentality of the German society. The process prompts Germany's active identity searches in domestic and international politics.

*The OSCE Military-Political Dimension: Current State and Tendencies

M. Evtod'eva. 

The OSCE played a secondary role in resolving quite a few of the European conflicts. In the majority of cases, the OSCE involvement was limited to post-conflict settlement and reconstruction, while NATO (KFOR) and subsequently the EU mission shouldered responsibility when hostilities were underway.

*Turkey's New Middle Eastern Policy

A. Lyukmanov.

Regardless of the West's reaction, the Turkish business circles backed by Ankara are taking independent steps and getting strategically entrenched in the region in anticipation of economic returns which will not necessarily be immediate. As a parallel process, Ankara is scoring political points and gaining leverage over the situation.


Russian World

*The Gift of Life, Or Going to the US to Get a Heart

M. Antoshkina. 

Make your jubilee a highlight: save the life of somebody who lives in a distant part of the world. This is no game of imagination but exactly what our former countrymen who live in the US do when they collect donations to cover sophisticated medical treatment for children from Russia.

*Countrymen and Modernization

V. Sibilev. 

The conference titled On the Contribution by Countrymen to Russia's Modernization – A Potential for Partnership, patronized and supported by Russia's Government Commission on the Affairs of Compatriots Abroad and the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, was held on October 7-8, 2010 in Moscow.



*Revisiting the Role of an Individual in History

T. Zvereva. 

Russia-France: 300 years of Special Relations is a serious historical survey and a valuable source of information on domestic and foreign policies of the two countries. Considering the invariable attraction between the Russian and French cultures, the permanent interchange of ideas between them, and their common European roots, the authors of the treatise also focused on the cultural ties between Russia and France.

*Our Islam

A. Dubina. 

The book represents a major study of Islam in Russia in the epochs ranging from the distant past when Russia was confronted with Islam as an entirely external force (at that time Muslims from the Volga Bulgaria attempted to convert Prince Vladimir to Islam) till modernity in which Muslims are an integral part of Russia's population.

*The Belavezha Drama

Srecko Jukic. 

There is a view that authors typically take to writing books they tried but could not find. The concept applies entirely to the present work. There is no shortage of literature on the Soviet empire, and no doubt readers can for the most part find in it the materials to meet their needs, but new questions keep arising concerning the demise of the Soviet Union and the secrets behind the Belavezha Accords.


In Memorium

*A Tribute to V.S. Chernomyrdin

A. Frolov. 

A tribute to A.E. Bovin

A tribute to A.P. Bondarenko

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